Colombian football leagues urge bookmakers to make bigger contributions

The Major Division of Colombian Professional Football (Dimayor), the organization in charge of operating football leagues in Colombia, has urged the government to ask for greater financial contributions from bookmakers associated by Coljuegos, the national gambling regulator.

A letter addressed to the Colombian president shows that Dimayor wants bookmakers to keep paying 7% of its profits to the health sector. However, the firm also insists those companies send extra funds to the Sports Ministry, in particular to help its football sector.

The letter read: “Taking into account that sports betting companies and gambling operators have permission from Coljuegos to operate by making unauthorized use of our brands, names and images, we respectfully request the collaboration and intervention so that the government can take the necessary steps to allocate a percentage of the income obtained from operations in Dimayor’s favor.”

The organization highlighted its commitment to the unions and requested a virtual meeting to work together and find a solution to help mitigate the effects COVID-19 “is having on the 50 thousand families that depend on Colombia’s football.”

The news follows Coljuegos and CORNAZAR’s plea to the government to be part of three different credit programs which provided financial aid to private sectors affected by the crisis. Coljuegos requested access to the credit line offered by BANCOLDEX, “Colombia responds”.