In advance of the biggest game on the NFL calendar – Sunday’s Super Bowl final – DFS and sports betting firm DraftKings has revealed findings from a national consumer study of American sports fans, including how 82% are considering placing a legal wager on the game. 

In a nationally representative poll of over 1,000 randomly sampled, self-identified American sports fans, the company’s “Football & Fandom: The Bet Effect on the Big Game” study examined fan preferences and various impacts of sports gaming.

“The demand, advantages and potential of sports gaming are well recognized today, but our goal with this study was to add further evidence on just how impactful sports gaming platforms like DraftKings can be when fully realized,” said Matt Kalish, Co-Founder and President. 

He added: “There is a clear desire among many fans to experience these products, which, in turn, shapes their overall engagement, and we are encouraged by what these findings mean for the future growth of sports betting in the United States.”

The study shows that while still a relatively limited market since the Supreme Court ruling in 2018, legalized sports betting in the US is already showing tremendous promise and popularity. Nearly a third of (31%) American sports fans, it found, have placed a legal, online wager. 

For the championship game this season, the engagement potential among fans who bet is significant, given that 78% expressed being more likely to watch the whole game if they make a wager. The game itself is not the only beneficiary of increased engagement either, as 61% also reported being more interested to watch commercials during the breaks if they place a bet. 

Additionally, daily fantasy remains highly relevant among American sports fans with 81% wanting to play in a daily fantasy sports contest specific to the big game.

At DraftKings, the NFL continues to be the most popular sport among users both for daily fantasy and sportsbook. The majority of American sports fans share this affinity for the NFL too, and an impressive 75% are more interested to bet on NFL games than any other sport. 

Following the NFL’s conference finals, postseason play also proves to be an even more enticing option to place wagers as almost 70% of fans prefer betting on the playoffs over the regular season.

For access to the full study findings, click the downloadable whitepaper link here.