KAX Media America Inc, the US subsidiary of Gambling.com Group Plc, has completed the necessary application processes and received approval from the Indiana Gaming Commission to provide services to licensed gaming operators in the state.

Home to an array of professional and college sports teams, the Indianapolis 500 and millions of enthusiastic sports fans, Indiana provides an excellent opportunity, said the firm, to take its rapidly expanding American operation to the next level by providing performance marketing services to licensed operators in yet another state.

“Indiana got it right by offering mobile sports betting and the state represents a significant opportunity for sites like Bookies.com to connect sports fans with high quality sports betting content like top daily picks,” said Charles Gillespie, Chief Executive. “Now having gone live with business deals with operators in Indiana, the Group continues to solidify its position at the forefront of the growing US market.”

With neighboring states not fully onboard with regulated online sports betting, Indiana benefits from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Illinois players traveling to place bets, which further strengthens the opportunity for the Indiana sports betting market to flourish.

Max Bichsel, VP US Business at Gambling.com Group, said: “Given the state’s affinity for both professional and collegiate sports, Indiana is a promising market. We expect competition to thrive, given the regulatory environment which allows dozens of operators to conduct business.”

Earlier this year, Gambling.com Group announced regulatory approval to operate in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The Group said it will continue seeking approval across America as more states legalize and regulate sports betting.