Codere Colombia has enhanced its current portfolio of online games, after penning a new agreement with Barcelona-headquartered MGA Games. 

The new content-based agreement with Codere has been commended by MGA, with the firm stressing a belief that the deal will bring forth “a prosperous and lasting relationship”.

The company announced that after completing integration of these releases on the Codere Colombia platform, the casino slots and video bingo content certified in the Latin American country will now be made available for all gamers on the well-known portal.

According to José Antonio Giacomelli, general manager of MGA Games: “the offer of games with IP (Intellectual Property) provide numerous benefits to the companies that operate them. The main one is that they provide their customers with a distinctive, high-value product. Players maintain a connection with the characters and feel familiar with them, which leads to greater affection for and loyalty to the game.”

Moshe Edree, Online COO for Codere, added: “We are very happy with our relationship with MGA Games. The video bingo games and slots are very well received by our players in Colombia, and we expect to continue growing together.”

Gold Mermaid by Renata Gonzalez and GT World Challenge by Andy Soucek, from the Hyperrealism Series by MGA Games, as well as the revamped video bingo games Zeus or Mariachis, are just some of the successful games included in the Codere Colombia launch pack that will occupy a prominent space in the online casino.

The releases from the Hyperrealism Series by MGA Games, based on the images of international celebrities whose intellectual property rights have been secured by the company have been the slots demanded most by Colombian players who remain surprised by the photorealism of their graphics and animations.