GeoComply has launched IDComply, a new Know Your Client (KYC) solution for the igaming industry that is fully integrated with the company’s existing geolocation compliance solution.

The product, which will see its public debut at next week’s G2E in Las Vegas, offers age and identity verification with seamless links to a number of age and ID verification vendors via the existing GeoComply API. The firm said it will deliver the highest possible levels of player-acceptance in a compliant, fast and low-friction model. 

According to the company, IDComply was developed in response to customer requests for an integrated solution that covers more of their compliance requirements beyond geolocation. By integrating age and ID verification along with GeoComply’s geolocation compliance solution, igaming companies are able to streamline their operations and manage both their geolocation and KYC compliance from the same back-office and API. 

“KYC is an extremely important part of igaming and we’re really excited to expand our product offerings with a way for our customers to handle more of their compliance needs,” said David Briggs, Founder and CEO. 

He added: “IDComply enables iGaming operators to streamline customer acquisition, deter fraud, and quickly enter new markets, using an integrated solution from a compliance vendor they already know and trust.”