Morten Andersen, the all-time leader for number of games played in the National Football League (NFL), will be joining the Better Collective team in his role of Brand Ambassador at next week’s Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.

Speaking with SBC ahead of the event, Andersen outlined his contribution to the company’s US mission, as well as giving his own assessment of the newly regulated sports betting market.

This includes how the end of the “wild wild west” for sports betting in the country will ensure the protection of US players, and why the different sports fandom means that iGaming businesses “need to do their homework” if they want to be successful.

SBC: What is your early assessment of the sports betting market post-PASPA?

MA: These are definitely interesting times – the repeal of PASPA means the US sports betting market can go from being a wild wild west to a regulated market, which will ensure the protection of US players. It is positive, as more and more states begin to regulate. 

SBC: How much homework needs to be done by betting-based companies targeting the country?

MA: Like playing in the NFL, where you need to prepare for each game, all iGaming businesses need to do their homework to effectively target the US country as a whole and the individual states. Being successful in the US is not something you become overnight – it is a marathon where you continue to build and add extra layers to your business. 

US sports fandom differs quite a lot from European, so betting companies need to do their due diligence to be successful.

SBC: Can you explain your role as Better Collective ambassador? What does this mean in day-to-day terms?

MA: My role as a brand ambassador is mainly to raise the awareness of Better Collective and our products in the US, communicating about the strong values and vision Better Collective is built on. 

I share many of the same values as the people behind Better Collective, such as dedication to hard work to achieve goals, and I’m glad to contribute sharing the Better Collective stories in the US.

SBC: How can Better Collective help to educate the market?

MA: With more than 15 years in business, Better Collective is one of the well-established actors in the industry and they have the know-how, capabilities and desire to educate the US market – they are very open to provide their expertise to the market so that it develops in a manner that ensures the protection of the players. 

The education must extend to the players. Again, regulated sports betting is a whole new world for the American consumer, and they must be given the proper information that guides them towards the safest betting experience. 

It’s no secret that there are still offshore bookmakers trying to attract customers, and an uninformed sports bettor likely doesn’t know the difference – they’ve just heard that sports betting is legal now. 

Beyond that, Better Collective’s vision to empower igamers clearly shines through their products and therefore it also comes natural for them to engage in educating the US players when it comes to the actual betting itself. 

A good example of these types of resources is the Bettingexpert Academy, which is a printed guide that educates sports bettors. Better Collective has just updated and modified this free booklet, and we will have them at G2E in Vegas so stop by and get a copy. 

SBC: During your own career, were you made aware of any possible integrity breaches related to betting activity?

MA: No – luckily, I was surrounded by athletes with lots of integrity. I think it is a pity that in recent years we have seen breaches on this integrity by some sports individuals.

SBC: Finally, can you give us your NFL predictions; who should I back to win the Super Bowl in February?

MA: As I see it currently, The Patriots and Saints will meet in Miami to determine who lifts the Lombardi Trophy.