Calvi: Brazilian legislation must protect the integrity of both betting and sports

Speaking at SBC’s Betting on Sports conference in London, Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) President Ludovico Calvi gave us an update on the regulation of the Brazilian gambling market.

Calvi, who has played an integral role in the development of the Brazilian legislation, explained that it is extremely important that education is offered surrounding sports betting integrity.

He told SBC: “There are provisions in the law about integrity and about authorizing betting operators to be a part of associations like GLMS, which are providing integrity services. It is extremely important to protect the credibility, not only of betting in general but also of sports. This is something that we are looking at with the Sports League associations and the football association in Brazil.

“It is extremely important to be both credible and transparent, to protect whistleblowers for example, and to run prevention and education courses in schools, with young athletes. All of this has been included in the legislation. 

“Again, this is further evidence that what eventually will be coming up in Brazil – if it is passed in Congress  – we will be facing a very interesting market development in Brazil and South America as a whole.”

Under the proposed gambling bill, operators will pay approximately US$0.7m for nine years. They will subsequently need to pay a fee on a monthly basis which will be US$7,225 for physical locations per month and US$9,742 on digital channels per month. The monthly figure rises to just over US$12,000 for combined mobile and physical authorization.