New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) has reprimanded DraftKings after the fantasy sports operator was found to be in breach of the state’s self-exclusion rules.

While the problem was both identified and resolved on the same day, the operator is due to pay out $7,000 in civil penalties to the NJDGE, with an additional $3,277 to be returned to players.

In addition to the two penalties, DraftKings was also ordered to pay a civil penalty of $2,000 after it was found to send promotional material and direct correspondences to an undisclosed number of self-excluded individuals across New Jersey.

The DGE is reported to have taken into consideration that it has not received any customer complaints regarding the infraction. However, DraftKings was still issued with the fines due to its failure to correctly implement self-exclusion systems, as well as failing to have an account suspension option in effect, and for failing to stop suspended players from gambling.

Under state law, players are able to set a minimum 72-hour cooling off period which will allow the option to self-exclude from online gaming sites through a state-wide system.

DraftKings was notified of its violation on April 12, and agreed to pay the penalty on May 1.