The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has posted its latest Fantasy Sports Contests Revenue Report for the month of October. The report provides a breakdown on fees collected from the play of Pennsylvania participants, Fantasy Sports Contests Operators’ adjusted revenue, and tax revenue due to the Commonwealth.

Fantasy adjusted revenue for October, according to the board, grew to $2,902,863 compared to adjusted revenue of $2,133,714 in September. Leading the charge was DraftKings, which saw its monthly revenue rise from $1,174,327.61 in September to $1,545,151.83 in October. Closely following was FanDuel which increased take from $948,838.89 in September to $1,249,989.98 last month.

Next in line in the board’s monthly table was DRAFT. A revenue hike to $36,592 from $19,659 in September helped the firm leapfrog Sportshub Technologies into third place.

According to the Gaming Control Board, tax revenue is derived through a 15 per cent assessment on the adjusted revenue reported by the Fantasy Sports Contest Operators and is deposited into the Commonwealth General Fund. This resulted in tax revenue generated during October of $435,429. Seven of the Fantasy Sports Contest Operators reported tax revenue due.