PrizePicks, the daily fantasy sports game for the US market, has announced the launch of its mobile app on iOS. Consequently, fantasy sports fans will be able to submit their daily picks and, said the firm, “get in the game” right from the palm of their hand. The game is easy to understand, it added, and has the “quickest format the fantasy sports industry has seen to date”.

With PrizePicks, fantasy sports fans can test their prediction skills in a fixed-odds format. In essence, that removes the need for salary caps, drafting teams, and doing hours of research. The fixed-odds format gives fans greater chances of winning exponentially more than their entry. According to the company, while the daily game appeals to the season-long fantasy NFL, MLB and NBA demographic, it is as relevant and fun at any point in the sport season whether it is the start of NBA, the heart of NFL season or the World Series for MLB.

“With the launch of PrizePicks on mobile, we’re providing tens of millions of domestic fantasy players with an easy way to raise the stakes,” said CEO Adam Wexler. “Sports fans everywhere can now conveniently submit their daily picks right from their smartphone — which research shows is where most DFS fans spend their time.”

The game works by curating a board of players to select from on a daily basis. Sports fans select two, three or four players from the list, and then predict if each player will go over or under their projected fantasy score. They then enter the dollar amount they would like to place into an entry, with a minimum entry of $10 and a maximum of $100. If a sports fan predicts all of their picks correctly, they win multiples of the dollar amount they entered — with the potential to win up to $1000 per entry.

The game is available for Football (NFL & NCAAF), Basketball (NBA & WNBA), Baseball (MLB), Soccer (MLS) and Golf (PGA).