BMM Testlabs’ director of tribal gaming, Jodi DiLascio, was presented with the American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) corporate partner service award at the recent AISES National Conference in Oklahoma City.

On receipt of the award, DiLascio commented: “It is an honor to have received the 2018 AISES corporate partner service award. BMM has incredible respect for the work of AISES and we’re committed to working with organizations that assist science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs.”

AISES chair Dr Twyla Baker responded: “AISES has found an amazing partner in BMM Testlabs to help us fulfil our mission of increasing native people in the STEM disciplines and careers in the casino gaming industry. AISES was thrilled to offer an internship with BMM Testlabs this summer.

“BMM has shown that they care about supporting emerging indigenous STEM talent and that they are willing to use their resources and infrastructure to help change lives. We appreciate this spirit of inclusiveness and greatly value our relationship with Jodi DiLascio and the other members of BMM Testlabs.”