Sportech’s Bump 50:50 technology firm hosted what was described as ‘an incredibly successful’ Bump Academy this week in Jacksonville, FL with 20 team partners from across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, and the NCAA.

Said the company: “The content was informative, the idea sharing was powerful, and it was impressive to see collaboration across so many leagues and markets. The output of the academy will help both the teams and Bump 50:50 continue to elevate the fan experience, while generating even larger fundraising dollars to reinvest back into communities across the US and Canada.

BUMP 50:50 is a software program that allows NHL, MLB, NFL,NBA and NCAA sports foundations to raise more money through their 50/50 raffle program. According to Sportech, it is far beyond just a technology company. “We help foundation build a successful raffle program from the ground up,” it noted.

The company has also designed an easy-to-use custom application for an android tablet for each seller to use during a live sporting event. The sellers walk around with the tablet and a mobile hip printer and with a simple click of a button is able to produce a 50:50 raffle ticket for fans to participate in the draw. With each ticket sold the jackpot total raises and is displayed on the tablet. The jackpot totals can also be deployed to the scoreboards and/or any screens available in the arena. With a triple redundancy program built into the system a seller can easily sell tickets in any area of the arena without any interference.