Our colleagues stateside at SportsHandle bring SBC Americas readers another snapshot view of developments in sports betting in North America.

New Jersey Sportsbooks Gross $3.8 M Revenue in July on $40.6 M Handle

The July revenue numbers are in for New Jersey sports betting and the total is $3.8 million gross revenue across the four operational sportsbooks on a total handle of $40.6 million during a sleepy month of mostly baseball betting. That’s a roughly 9.35 percent hold, which includes futures bets, as the report does not filter out futures pending (NJ is using a cash, not accrual method of accounting).

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19 Things We Hate About Sports Betting

Sports betting is awesome. We have literally devoted our work lives here to covering it from all angles, and most of us are sports bettors ourselves, which makes the job a labor of love. But sports wagering as a form of entertainment is not always rainbows and unicorns.

On a good game day when everything is going your way, it feels like you’re on top of the world and you can make no wrong wager. But the house usually wins over the long haul for a reason (vigorish!) as seasons bring winning and losing streaks.

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PA Approves Temporary Regulations, Expects Sports Betting Applications

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on Wednesday voted unanimously to pass its temporary regulations for sports betting in PA at a meeting at the Strawberry Square Complex in Harrisburg. The board also granted three interactive gaming licenses – which do not include sports betting – and approved the “change of control” request for the Presque Isle Casino from Eldorado Resorts to the Churchill Downs Corporation.

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Are Western States Lagging on Sports Betting? West Coast Edition

This story is the first of two detailing the latest situations on the West Coast.  A second installment covering the Mountain States will be posted later this week.

While the blossoming business of sport bettingcontinues to flower or, at least, attempt to flower on the east coast of the U.S., the western states, except Nevada, formerly the only state with full-fledged sports betting, seem to be getting left behind.

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