aims to enrich World Cup experience for Canadian punters

Building on its original formation in May 2018, is aiming to enhance the Canadian market about the enthralling FIFA World Cup, providing betting tips for each game of the tournament.

Following on from the tournament, the site will continue to provide daily football tips from leagues from all over the world.

The site is ran by Graeme McGaw, who has been providing online betting tips for various sports for over a decade. He currently covers the likes of the WNBA, NBA, NHL, and golf betting tips at including the PGA and LPGA and much more.

Speaking on the launch of the new site, he outlined: “I grew up in Scotland before moving to Canada at 16 and live and breathe football.  It just felt about time I start a site dedicated to the sport that I love and assist fellow Canadians in getting the best bang for their betting bucks.”

Currently in Canada the majority of people bet online via the lottery and gaming corporations – betting with the likes of Pro Line or Sports Select. However these are very limited with strict requirements in regard to what you can bet, and with poor odds.

Graeme aims to show Canadians how to bet online at online sportsbooks that are trustworthy and ones that he personally uses. For any Canadian facing sportsbooks he will provide a thorough review from his own experiences at that online sportsbook, letting people know the sportsbooks Canadians should bet at or ones to avoid.

He’ll also be providing step by step guides showing Canadians how to bet online as well as the differences in betting online versus Pro Line or Sport Select.

On top of the tips and reviews there will also be various educational articles. There are articles on the site detailing how to start your own betting system for example.

Fixture lists are another feature of the website, and for all of the major soccer leagues there will be fixture lists in various time zones across Canada. So currently for example if you’re looking for the 2018 World Cup fixtures in EST, MST etc then you can find it at

Along with daily soccer tips Graeme will also be doing various futures betting tips using prop bets such as who will win the league, who will be a top team goalscorer etc. When the daily tips kick off after the end of the World Cup there will also be daily accumulator bets as he knows there is a big audience for something like that and it’s not just about those straight bets. That will also accommodate people who still bet with the likes of Pro Line.

Graeme will be adding content to the site as time goes on purely to help Canadians out such as the best deposit methods or explaining how to deposit on sportsbooks, due to the fact that many Canadian banks will not allow gambling transactions.