Caribbean CAGE, has entered into an agreement with Scientific Games to supply its operations with state-of-the-art gaming equipment in the Caribbean and South America. Robert L Johnson, majority owner of CAGE, said: “With this major agreement between Caribbean CAGE and Scientific Games, Caribbean CAGE will provide our customers with a quality gaming experience that is comparable to gaming enjoyment in the US and global venues.

“Our video lottery and video gaming terminals will be innovative and attractive to our customers and will operate in full compliance with government laws and regulations. But more importantly, the countries in which we operate will benefit financially from legalized gaming revenue that will increase their ability to support educational, sporting and cultural activities for their citizens.”

Johnson also announced that a US subsidiary of Caribbean CAGE will seek sports betting gaming licences in America either as an individual company or in partnership with US gaming companies. He noted: “We strongly believe that states that issue sports betting gaming licences should insist upon diversity of ownership when awarding these licenses. Minorities are significant participants in national sports leagues and enthusiastic sports fans, and deserve the opportunity to be financial players in the economics of Sports Betting ownership as well.

“We encourage state officials, particularly minority-elected officials, to require diversity of ownership when awarding Sports Betting licenses to ensure that minorities are not simply betting their dollars, but betting on the right to own and operate licenses.”

Robert B. Washington, co-founder and CEO of Caribbean CAGE, commented: “Caribbean CAGE, the largest route operator of video lottery and video gaming terminals in the Caribbean, will be replacing and upgrading its central computer system and terminals in Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Kitts and Nevis and deploying and operating its central computer system and terminals in the new markets of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana and Sint Maarten.”  

He concluded: “The new central computer system and Infinity terminals will provide to CAGE a number of world-class options including a player tracking system, a library of downloadable games and a wide area progressive mystery jackpot game(s) which will create a socially engaging experience for our players as well as substantial additional recurring revenues for the countries and people we serve.”