EquiLottery advancing lottery sports games post-PASPA

EquiLottery CEO Brad Cummings believes that the PASPA has enabled his company to develop new concepts around lottery games of chance based on live sporting events.

Cummings will outline a vision for this new category at this week’s GIGSE event and discuss in detail two conceptual games; the first a parlay style game based on live football and the second a higher stakes game based on a live auto race.

The games will range from smaller daily game options to larger jackpot games designed for multi-state play. All games will allow for the leagues involved to get a piece of the action through a licensing fee as a percentage of sales.

EquiLottery recently announced the rebranding of its live horse racing lottery game as Win Place Show: An EquiLottery Game. This rebranding has set the stage for other live sports lottery games of pure chance to be developed by EquiLottery based on its U.S. and Canadian IP.  These games are being developed for implementation by state and provincial lotteries and will become part of the EquiLottery family of lottery games as the company evolves its mission from the development of a single product to pioneering a new game category.

Cummings commented: “EquiLottery is best known in the lottery and gaming industries through our development of Win Place Show, a game of chance based on live horse racing. But the recent Supreme Court ruling striking down PASPA has allowed us to publicly expand our vision and offer new games to lotteries that will provide more money to the good causes they support.

“Similar to our racetrack friends and partners, we see this ruling as an opportunity to build on the platform we have already established for Win Place Show. We look forward to transferring this vision to lottery games of chance based on all live sports, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, auto racing and golf.”

Ewa Bakun, Head of Industry Insight and Engagement at GiGse organiser Clarion Gaming, added: “We’re thrilled that EquiLottery has chosen GiGse as the platform for this first-of-its-kind presentation. This kind of forward thinking is what has made Mr. Cummings an important voice in the lottery industry specifically and the gaming industry at large. This is the type of content that makes GiGse a highlight of the conference calendar each year. “