The All-In Diversity Project has announced a new strategic partnership with The National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) in the United States. As part of the collaboration, the two organisations will be working closely together to set the standard for how businesses can make diversity and inclusion and responsible gambling an integral ingredient of the industry’s efforts to improve and develop in the future.

“We believe that a partnership with NCPG will prove that when we can change the internal makeup of our businesses and bring new perspectives to how we do business, our customers will inherently benefit,” said Kelly Kehn, co-founder of All-in Diversity Project. “New talent who bring with them varying backgrounds, experience and perspectives will only positively add to how we protect our customers. This partnership personifies how businesses should be approaching social responsibility, and we are proud to have NCPG on board.”

Fellow co-founder Christina Thakor-Rankin added: “The partnership with the National Council of Problem Gambling allows the All-in Diversity Project to not only extend the discussion around diversity, equality and inclusion to harm minimisation and the importance of the socio-economic and cultural profile of support organisations vis a viz the profile of the players they hope to help, but also reach out to the world of gaming and start to explore the issues of diversity, inclusion and risk as they relate to the next generation of players. The All-in Diversity Project is the industry’s global resource for data pertaining to diversity, equality and inclusion and is creating the tools for change.”

“This partnership is very exciting for both organisations,” commented Marlene Warner, president of the NCPG board of directors. “Together, NCPG and the All-in Diversity Project can respond to the clarion call in the gaming industry for more diversity so that we may better serve our members, inform the industry, and work to protect problem gamblers and their families.”