Golden Race will target the increasing number of smartphone users in LatAm by focusing on improved interaction with online products in the region, and by meeting customer demand for more dynamic access to the consumption of data.

Speaking in the wake of the recent FADJA in Bogotá, the fixed odds virtual betting specialist said it had used the Colombian event to promote new game concepts and gain an insight into the ongoing development of the LatAm gaming sector.

The company took into consideration two major factors at the show; the myriad regulatory regimes in Latin America and, crucially, player tastes varying from country to country. Said the firm: “Golden Race has carried out some pilot tests to check which virtual sports and games were the most liked in the region. Results showed that two of the most popular virtual betting products are Dog Racing and Spin to Win.”

In terms of player habits, the company learned that while Latin America has some of the world’s fastest growing figures for smartphone penetration, customers still prefer to bet directly in brick and mortar betting shops.

“Consequently, the industry faces some challenges regarding betting penetration through mobile devices,” it said. “On one hand, we need to achieve more dynamic access for customers to the consumption of data; and, on the other hand, high quality tools are necessary to allow a better interaction with online products. Also, a solid network is needed to enable easy transactions such as recharges and withdrawals.”