Gamingtec’s venture has become one of the first online casinos to implement TruePlay, a universal blockchain-based platform for gambling projects. It is now available in a fully functional free trial mode.

TruePlay, developed in 2017 by Oleksiy Mageramov, Stanislav Makarchuk and Oleksii Ragozin, has blockchain technology integrated at every critical level of the online gambling process. It has its own pay gate – a blockchain-based transaction system enabling fast token deposits and withdrawals across multiple casinos, negating long withdrawal periods and unexpected commissions based on individual casino fees.

Gamingtec CCO Vlad Udovenko commented: “We at Gamingtec have been at the cutting edge of the gaming industry since 2013. For us, Blockchain isn’t just the new it-word, but a natural evolution of the online gambling process. Player confidence and fast transactions are extremely important, and the TruePlay platform provides smart contracts and transaction history that brings full transparency for players and affiliates.”

TruePlay claims to be unique in that it makes available a transparent player ledger, allowing affiliates to identify player numbers, their bets, and the resulting commission. FairPlay is based on TruePlay (TPLAY) – a utility token that facilitates access to several gambling platforms. It will be accepted as the standard currency of effective from April 15. Prior to that, players may test out the functionality, ease of use, and transparency of the TruePlay platform at, without having to pay for the privilege.