Apple co-founder Wozniak wows at GiGsters Connect

Steve Wozniak

A crowd of 1150 was on hand at the InterContinental Arena in Malta, as Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) welcomed Steve Wozniak to share a wealth of insights and anecdotes at the firms fifth anniversary “GiGsters Connect” celebrations.

The Apple co-founder and “legendary Silicon Valley tech wizard,” who entered the arena of a segway, took to the stage for an “inspiring and educational” chat with GiG CEO Robin Reed, before taking questions from those in attendance.

Kelly Kehn, co-founder All-in Diversity, commented: “What an inspiring and engaging event for students, employees and the local community.

“In an industry where recruitment of top tech talent may be difficult, GiG is truly leading the way by opening up their awesomeness and sharing it with all of us. What an inspiring and engaging event for students, employees and the local community! More of this please.”

Amongst the crowd was 650 GiG employees from Malta, Norway, Spain and Denmark as well as over 500 external guests who were given a free ticket by GiG.

This included individuals from UoM (University of Manchester), MCAST (Malta College of Arts Science and Technology) and Middlesex University students and professors, members of the Maltese tech community and high profile guests.

Chris Demico GiG Solutions Architect and former MCAST student, added: “I am really grateful to GiG for this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime. I got to meet one of my role models, talk to him and have him sign my books and my shirt. Today was a good day.”

GiGsters Connect which took place on March 6 and 7, also featured in-depth knowledge session, hackathons, parties and learning opportunities for GiG employees in attendance