Galaxsys: ‘crash games fit lifestyle choices of U.S. players’

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Galaxsys Head of Sales Teni Grigoryan chats with SBC Americas to discuss the Digitain Group company’s recent entry into the North American market via an agreement with Fortune Coins

Grigoryan also discusses how the supplier is seeking to target Hispanic U.S. players with its portfolio of crash games and explains why crash/fast games could be the next big product among American players. 

SBC Americas: Galaxsys has made its first entry to North American shores with a deal with Fortune Coins. Can you tell us about that partnership?

Teni Griogoryan: Galaxsys is thrilled to announce its partnership with Fortune Coins, the top social casino in the U.S. With Fortune Coins’ widespread presence across the continent, this collaboration is a game-changer for us.

We’ve been working closely with the Fortune Coins team to ensure our game selection meets the market’s technical standards. Starting with two games, we’re gradually adding more to cater to players’ preferences.

The response from the market has been amazing so far. More social casinos are expressing interest in our games, showing that players love what we’re offering.

Partnering with Fortune Coins not only boosts our presence but also brings us significant PR. We’re excited to keep innovating and expanding our game portfolio, bringing top-notch gaming experiences to players everywhere.

SBC: Fast & crash games have become increasingly popular in European markets but are more of a niche vertical among American audiences. What is the potential for fast & crash games in North America? 

TG: We are starting to see a steady demand similar to that in South America. North America, due to the increase of state-by-state legislation, has the same demands as any maturing regulated market. Simply, how do you keep your products and services relevant to your audience?

Players are always seeking new experiences that fit their lifestyle choices and, while traditional casino slots and table games remain very popular, players are looking for simpler games or playing experiences that provide something different.

We therefore feel, given the size of the player market in North America, that fast & crash games will become part of the players’ game repertoire over time.

SBC: Galaxsys titles are popular amongst Latin American players, so are you seeking to target the Hispanic demographic as you arrive in the U.S.?

TG: The North American market is of course one of the biggest markets for casino games and so forth. From a population standpoint, the Hispanic demographic is one of the largest and fastest growing within the continent. 

Overall, the demographic is passionate about sports and gaming, and operators as we have seen stateside have started to look at that market segment more closely.     

SBC: How would you tailor your titles to be successful amongst Hispanic American players?

TG: Our games are already proving popular within Latin American markets, such as Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

All our game stories and themes are very relatable and culturally appealing therefore can provide that emotional connection without trying too hard to think about what this means. For example, Ninja Crash is based on food and cutting cake, which everyone does in their daily lives – who doesn’t enjoy cake? 

Rocketon is another, involving a rocket theme. Who doesn’t dream about either flying a rocket or taking a rocket trip to the stars and back. 

So, while of course localisation in terms of language, currency is important, we believe our game themes have cultural, emotional, and universal appeal across a broad spectrum of player groups.

SBC: With the recent M&A in the market with the large established operators getting into the lottery courier space, would Fast & Crash Games be a fit for those player demographics?

TG: This is interesting as some of the large operators in sports betting have moved into this category to access more players and cross-sell to sports betting and casino players where applicable.

Lottery players do have a robust cross-over to casino gameplay given the ‘numbers’ element of lottery games, scratch cards etc. On that basis, although still to be proven, fast & crash games could provide an intermediate product set to onboard players from lottery into sports and traditional casino games. There does appear some product synergies and ultimately it shall be about the execution and communication of these marketing programs by the operator.   

SBC: What plans does Galaxsys have for expanding its presence in the US and can we expect further deals in the pipeline?

TG: We have a promising lineup of potential collaborations with social casinos, which we are very enthusiastic about. Prioritising social casinos for market testing before engaging with traditional casinos across various states is a strategic move for us. Securing licenses in each state targeted in the U.S. is a lengthy process, so being well-prepared and understanding player behaviour, preferences and market demand is invaluable to us.