OCCC opens consultation on voluntary exclusion amendments

person excluded from group
Image: Shutterstock

The Ohio Casino Control Commission has made four proposals to amend the state’s gaming regulations and has opened up stakeholder consultations to gain feedback. 

OCCC contacted stakeholders on Wednesday to detail changes to four rules, including the Buckeye State’s voluntary exclusion program regulations. 

The rules would establish the Ohio Voluntary Exclusion Program, which all licensed operators would be mandated to comply with. 

Players who feel that their gambling habits are getting out of control can sign up for the exclusion program either through an online form or in-person with an OCCC member of staff. 

The VEP proposals will allow players to self-exclude from all forms of gambling in Ohio for three set periods of time: one year, five years or for the rest of their lives. 

The rules also outline how players can be removed from the VEP, detailing that they can once again gamble at the end of their set term. 

Players can also be removed from the lifetime exclusion if they have: remained in the Ohio VEP for at least five years; completed the Ohio VEP education program on problem gambling awareness; and requested and completed an unaltered application for removal.

Meanwhile, the OCCC’s proposals outline that all licensees under the VEP would have to  provide a disordered and problem gambling plan to the Commission for approval. 

The plans, at a minimum, must include policies and procedures on several RG disciplines including how the licensee would enforce the VEP program and ensure that those who are excluded cannot gamble at their facility. 

It also mandates that licensees provide guidance on how they will advertise and market their VEP programs and keep players safe throughout. 

This is all part of the OCCC’s duties to review and refile its regulations as per Ohio law every five years. 

The regulator stated: “Ohio law generally requires rules to be reviewed and refiled at least once every five years. Pursuant to that requirement, the Commission is putting forward four no change rules: Ohio Adm.Code 3772-12-02, -05, -06, and -07 for stakeholder comment.”