ClutchBet bolsters payment infrastructure with Pavilion Payments

cashless payment
Image: Shutterstock

ClutchBet has agreed a deal with Pavilion Payments to leverage its payment processing technology within its sportsbook app. 

Seeking to create a more seamless user experience, ClutchBet has called upon the payments provider to integrate its products into its app, such as Instant Payments, Real-Time Payments, FedNow and Same Day ACH. 

The integration allows for a great user experience as players can deposit and withdraw funds much quicker than usual, ensuring that “patrons needs are met seamlessly”. 

Enhancing its payments journey, ClutchBet argues, will help it to “decrease disbursement times and create a cost-effective method to deliver funds to players’ checking accounts”.

“At ClutchBet, we are committed to providing our customers with the most innovative, safe and efficient solutions for wagering online,” said Jake Francis, SVP Operations at ClutchBet. 

“With Pavilion Payments’ newest innovations, we can instantly improve the user experience by streamlining the payment process, allowing users to have access to winnings immediately. Since Pavilion Payments’ solutions are vertically integrated, implementing the Instant Payments solution was simple and efficient.”

ClutchBet has integrated the Pavilion Payments tech to meet its consumer demands for faster payments, with additional peace of mind given through confirmation email with an instant transaction code. 

Pavilion Payments’ technology allows several different ways for players to use their money on an operators’ platform. For instance, if their account is incompatible with Real-Time Payments, patrons can instead use Same Day ACH to access funds and process payments. 

“Our Instant Payments solution is a major step forward for our organization, as we now offer technology that is not only innovative for the gaming industry but for the payments industry as a whole,” said Christopher Justice, CEO of Pavilion Payments. 

“Patrons have come to expect instant payments, and now we can deliver that with our solution. Our mission is to continue to deliver a modern payments experience to the gaming industry by developing more payment solutions such as request for payment.”