New York establishes voluntary self-exclusion register

register page
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The New York State Gaming Commission has announced the formation of a voluntary self-exclusion register to protect players across the state. 

Developed in association with the Responsible Play Partnership, the New York Council on Problem Gambling and the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports, the self-exclusion program will allow players to ban themselves from any gambling activity. 

Those placed on the register will be barred from all gaming establishments across the state and from gambling on any platform including sportsbooks. 

NYCPG Executive Director James Maney said: “Assisting those in need of help through providing care and concern is at the core of what NYCPG does, and the launch of this new program exemplifies that care and concern by breaking down barriers. 

“The new online notary services make it easier for individuals to complete remote VSE, while also connecting to one of our caring staff members who are knowledgeable about the process.”

The state deemed it necessary to launch a self-exclusion scheme due to the rise of problem gaming in the state in recent years. 

OASAS research from 2020 noted that 4.4% of adults in New York are at risk of gambling disorder, while 0.7% have already hit the threshold for being a problem gambler. 

When a player signs up to the self-exclusion program, they can also be connected to a problem gambling treatment provider and receive information about counseling and other recovery services. 

OASAS Commissioner Dr. Chinazo Cunningham said: “OASAS oversees a robust system of prevention, treatment, harm reduction and recovery services for those affected by addiction across the state, including problem gambling. 

“Voluntary self-exclusion can be an effective prevention strategy to reduce gambling harms, and this new support program not only provides a way for people to complete the self-exclusion process but also offers an opportunity to connect to OASAS local problem gambling community support services to assist in mitigating further harm.”