Epoxy.ai patented tech will listen to your TV to offer bets

Image: Shutterstock

Epoxy.ai, an AI and machine learning software provider, has secured a patent for its targeted offering and enhancements related to its watch and wager solution. 

The patent gives Epoxy.ai the exclusive rights to provide the entire live audiovisual offering of its watch and wager technology, something that the firm labeled as “one of the largest growth opportunities in the sports betting industry”. 

Chris Reynolds, Co-Founder and CEO at Epoxy.ai, said: “We’re delighted to receive our patent to give us a huge advantage as we look to deliver innovative personalization experiences in the burgeoning watch and wager world. 

“More and more sports viewers are crossing into the gambling sphere, and as these two worlds collide, we want to be in a position to offer unique, engaging bet opportunities to viewers that fit their preferences.”

“There is a wealth of data generated about the user’s tastes, preferences and environments from their experiences within each of these applications that can be leveraged by brands to to help improve and enhance the entertainment experience.”

The patented technology allows Epoxy.ai to curate personalized experiences based on audio detection technology based on what sporting fixture they are watching on television. 

It allows for the synchronization of targeted betting content based on the mobile app the player is using and the sporting fixture they are watching. 

Epoxy.ai stated that the technology allows it to be at the intersection of AI and machine learning to enhance the sports betting user experience. 

Reynolds added: “This can be true for users who find whatever they are watching on television to be especially compelling to them personally, whether it is a commercial, a sporting event or television program, and in that moment would especially welcome an offer, promotion or interactive experience. 

“With our AI and ML solutions, we’re able to do this, and look forward to what we can achieve in the space.”