GiG seals PAM solution deal with JOY Enterprise in Latin America

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Image: Shutterstock

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) is expanding its presence in Latin America after sealing a deal with a new casino partner JOY Enterprise BV.

For an initial period of five years, GiG will supply its platform account management (PAM) solution to JOY Enterprise for its brand.

“This is a new venture into an unknown vertical for us and it was clear from the start that GiG’s technology would enable us to access the opportunities inherent within our existing customer base,” commented Luis Fernando, a spokesperson for JOY Enterprise.

“What was also clear throughout the process was GiG’s capacity to help us understand the challenges ahead of us, and moreover, to help us overcome them. 

“They were a partner for us even before we had agreed the deal in that regard, and ensured we wanted GiG as our platform provider.”

GiG has stated that being able to personalize the user experience will help JOY Enterprise “power unique experiences within the online casino sector,” as well as one that is “unparalleled” to anything else on the market.

Richard Brown, CEO of GiG, added: “Delivering new revenue streams for organizations with established online customers is at the core of what we can offer. 

“Whilst remaining committed to the principles of not resting on our successes, we can take pride in the continued strength of our technology and on the strength of the relationships we’ve built with our partners.”