Wilfred Adelsdorfer Velasco: How Latamwin applies the best practices of the global industry

Latamwin launch success
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After launching its sports betting platform and obtaining a number of international certifications, Latamwin is building on recent success to tackle the 2022 World Cup and reap the benefits of its efforts this year.

SBC Americas talked to Latamwin’s CEO Wilfred Adelsdorfer Velasco, who shared details of the company’s operations in the region.

SBC: For those that don’t know, can you tell us why Latamwin was created? What’s the backstory?

Wilfred Adelsdorfer Velasco: Latamwin was born in 2010 with three founding partners, I was one of them. We decided to combine our experiences to contribute to an activity that was still emerging at the time: online gambling and sports betting. That’s why we decided to jump on a global trend that was already very successful in different European countries and was just starting in Latin America.

After a long journey, we’re currently the leading service and technological solutions provider for companies and online gaming platforms in regulated markets in Latin America.

SBC: What would you say has been the driving force behind you becoming a leader within Latin America?

W.A.V.: The first big challenge was to find something that would identify us and separate us from the main competitors in an industry that is extremely dynamic and competitive.

This was achieved with great teamwork, a great association capacity, a strategic vision, and being aware of new technologies and the challenges around the industry, in order to always be innovative.

We have a long-term perspective, which drives our growth in a responsible and committed way with our clients, users, and the markets where we operate.

The alliances that we have reached with large and small suppliers for our platforms have also distinguished us.

SBC: In your opinion, how is Latamwin delivering “an experience of global standards in terms of quality, security and integrity”?

W.A.V.: We permanently gather and apply the best practices of the global industry, following the highest standards. For example, we obtained the GLI-19 certification (3.0 version) and we also have a partnership with GLI and BMM Testlabs to carry out new audits on our platform and processes.

We’re always adding new improvements, audits, and certifications that allow us to answer successfully to the challenges that arise from technology innovations and user preferences.

Additionally, we’re paying attention to our initial premises: we’re an entertainment services company for people over 18, and we try to be as close as possible to our clients to offer them products that meet their needs and expectations.

Our permanent relationship with other industry players – like suppliers, business partners, clients, content creators, certifiers, and more – has also been key to this process. This allows us to always be aware of where the industry stands, the challenges, and the solutions. Clients and users are at the center of our business vision, which sustains our activity.

SBC: Given that we’re most of the way through 2022 now, what would you say have been the biggest milestones for the company this far?

W.A.V.: We’ve achieved many things this year that we set for ourselves at the end of 2021. First of all, we obtained the GLI-19 3.0 certification. We also received excellent news as we were recognized by our peers in a Sagse ranking and we were shortlisted for the SBC Awards Latinoamérica. We’ve also managed to strike partnerships and integrations with incredible technological partners such as Playtech, GreenTube, Endorphina, Zitro, Vibra Gaming, Barbara Bang, among others.

We also can’t ignore the launch of Latamwin.com, our sports betting site that has grown exponentially and users tremendously accepted it.

SBC: Have there been any innovations from this year, or perhaps ones in the pipeline, that you have been particularly proud of?

W.A.V.: The launch of Latamwin.com was a great milestone for us this year, and also the innovations that we are implementing in terms of biometric verification issues, something that we will be telling you about later.

SBC: Now that more of Latin America is opening up to regulated gambling, what are your key aims for 2023? 

W.A.V.: The first thing I would like to underline is that regulation is good for the industry since it enables the development of a responsible, competitive, safe market, and it also protects the user, something that is essential for us, so we are always willing to collaborate with whatever is required and make available our extensive experience in regulated markets.

We are very aware of what is happening in regulatory matters both in the Chilean and Brazilian markets, since the idea of projecting the company into the future has always included the goal of expanding in Latin America.

SBC: Are there any certain markets that have caught your attention? 

W.A.V.: The Brazilian market has always caught our attention since it is very large, as well as the Mexican market. Both are very important to us because of the size of their population.