SportsHandle: the week that was in US sports betting

SportsHandle and friends deliver another round-up of the week’s big developments in US sports betting
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SportsHandle and friends deliver another round-up of the week’s big developments in US sports betting. 

Both Major California Political Parties Now Oppose Proposition 27

In a situation that political and gaming consultants say they haven’t seen before, both major parties in California have now come out in opposition to Proposition 27, the statewide mobile wagering initiative backed by the group of seven commercial operators.

Late Friday, the California Republican Party announced its opposition, joining the Democrats, who stated their position in late July. The Democrats also said they will remain neutral on the tribal-backed, retail-only Proposition 26. The Republicans voted to oppose it.

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Is In-Game Sports Betting The Future, Or The Slipperiest Of Slopes?

In 1987, a teenage boy named Joel Soper rode his bicycle to the Cloverlanes Bowling Alley in Livonia, Michigan. After parking the bike, he walked down the street and snuck into the now-defunct Detroit Race Course to bet on a horse named Bring on the Rain.

“I bet my bet, and it was actually raining out,” recalled Soper. “He won by four lengths and I won like $150. And that was it — I was hooked.”

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How Caesars Created The Emperor’s Sports Betting Groove

Storytelling, when done right, sells.

In the sports wagering space, ad spend is scrutinized because, other than revenue, customer acquisition cost is the financial metric arguably most obsessed over by operators. If an operator keeps ad spend in check, it offers the chance to increase profit margin.

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Survey Says: Gambling Apps Need To Improve Payment Options

As mobile gambling operators increasingly tout emerging bet types enabled by improving technology – offerings like micro-betting, in-game wagering, and 24/7 iGaming – some industry observers think they might be missing a far more fundamental step: processing initial deposits quickly and properly.

New data suggests they’re right.

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New York Generating Nearly Double The Revenue Of Former King New Jersey

There was never a doubt that New York, with its 20.3 million citizens, would surpass New Jersey, with its 9.3 million inhabitants, as the top sports betting state in the country if and when the Empire State launched mobile wagering. The questions were how quickly New York would take over, and by how much it would reign supreme.

The answers: immediately, and a lot.

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First Approved Applicants Optimistic About Impact Of Sports Betting Kiosks

Martino’s on Vine has been a fixture near the University of Cincinnati campus for approximately 30 years.

To say that it’s a unique eatery in Cincinnati would be an understatement. It’s a Pittsburgh Steelers-themed eatery right in the heart of Cincinnati Bengals country.
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