Thunderbite links with ITP to widen free-to-play scope in US

Free-to-play games provider Thunderbite has penned a deal with Inside The Pocket (ITP) to broaden its distribution scope in the US
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Free-to-play games provider Thunderbite has penned a deal with Inside The Pocket (ITP) to broaden its distribution scope in the US

Launched at SBC Summit North America, the partnership will see Thunderbite deliver its F2P product portfolio to ITP’s new network of operators via its aggregation platform. 

As well as widening Thunderbite’s scope in the US market, the deal ensures that ITP diversifies its offering and broadens its gamification options. 

Hussain Naqi, Founder and CEO of Inside The Pocket, commented: “This collaboration is the absolute embodiment of mutually beneficial. For ITP, it provides us with more fantastic content and engagement tools for our burgeoning book or customers. While, for Thunderbite’s sales and outreach teams, we make their jobs easier, streamlining the process and its efficacy by removing impediments to the decision-making process.

“Further, this partnership has deepened and diversified our offering to broaden ITP’s scope into igaming and wider non-sports content. As markets crystallize and new regulations coalesce, the best and most flexible portfolio will always prevail. And this partnership is an excellent way of framing and delivering these strong products to the end user. It’s all about the agility this offers for both of our customers and future prospects.”

ITP’s platform is one of the first F2P games aggregation platforms and offers studios the chance to get a simple route to market access. 

Prior to this deal, Thunderbite already offered 25 games across 30 countries and in 25 different languages across Europe and the Americas. It has rolled out 10 new games in the last 12 months. 

John Smith, Co-Founder at Thunderbite, added: “ITP’s simple-yet-transformative pitch of ‘one single integration unlocking the gateway to the entire F2P marketplace’ positively delineates them for operators. And regardless of Thunderbite’s relentless recent growth, you should never rest on your laurels in this industry. That is why this third-party collaboration with an aggregator as well-positioned and unique as ITP made such strategic sense.

“Operators worldwide can now effortlessly expand their portfolio through ITP, with this sports betting content aggregation platform affording easy access to the best products on the market, featuring F2P and other agile content solutions. So, we can’t wait to expand our worldwide footprint and observe how our localized games perform in diverse territories which, in some instances, represent new ground for us.”