Oneida and IGT PlaySports building something special in Wisconsin

Image source: Shutterstock

Wisconsin’s Oneida Casino has benefited greatly from working closely with IGT PlaySports on bringing its new sportsbook offer to life.

With March Madness sports betting in full swing, sportsbooks across the US are vying for the attention of sports fans in their states by sharpening their player acquisition strategies, upping their marketing, and keeping a watchful eye on the competition. 

In Wisconsin, the hustle is the same, but the competitive landscape is different. In the Badger State, Oneida Casino is the first and only casino currently offering legalized sports betting. 

“Introducing sports betting to Oneida Casino instantly injected an additional burst of energy into our casino and made for an unforgettable football season,” said Louise Cornelius, Oneida Casino Gaming General Manager. “Our guests had a blast throughout NFL season, the Super Bowl was unforgettable and we’re already feeling that electric energy returning with March Madness.”

Oneida Casino is not expected to be the sole sports betting operator indefinitely. Multiple tribes are publicly pursuing sports betting enterprises, but Oneida Casino believes its “first to market” position gives it a competitive advantage and delivers strategic value.

“By being the first casino in Wisconsin to offer sports betting, Oneida Casino is cultivating great guest relationships and getting a front-row view of local betting trends and preferences; this ultimately enables us to further hone our offering and defend our leadership,” added Cornelius. 

“We decided early on to partner with IGT PlaySports for our sports betting offering, knowing that they would play a critical role in us achieving our speed-to-market goals. IGT has proven its capacity to drive results, navigate complex regulatory conditions and deliver world-class technology and services.” 

Cornelius went on to say that IGT’s support has extended beyond the typical supplier-customer dynamics. She shared that IGT President of Sports Betting Joe Asher recently visited the Oneida Casino sportsbook where he provided guidance and perspective on a range of day-to-day aspects of sportsbook operations, everything from risk management to prospective sportsbook menu items.

Said Asher: “Oneida Casino built something really special for sports fans in Wisconsin. It’s clear that they are committed to maximizing this remarkable player acquisition opportunity and delivering excitement to sports fanatics throughout the state. With Oneida Casino’s recently launched mobile betting app, gameday in the Badger State will never be the same..

Although Oneida Casino is off to an amazing start the savvy operator is far from complacent. “We have big plans for the Oneida Casino Sportsbook,” added Cornelius. “Yes, we have meaningful momentum, but it’s still in the early days of our partnership with IGT.

“We’ll continue to expand, refine and evolve our offering to ensure we stay ahead of the pack, harness the passion of football fans and remain the leading sports betting provider in the State.”