Suzohapp: The sports betting sector was a ‘natural step’ for us

The diverse nature of the Suzohapp business meant the venture into sports betting hardware was a ‘natural step’, said VP Sales for Gaming and Entertainment Todd Sims.

In an exclusive interview with Gambling TV, Simms discussed the company’s strategy for the sports betting market, and the opportunities this presents for further growth.

Discussions first began by outlining the company’s defining characteristics: “Suzohapp has quite a legacy within the company, we do a number of different things,” he said. 

“We’re a design and engineering firm. We’re a contract manufacturer and we’re an aftermarket distributor for the different parts and supplies to both the gaming and amusement industry. 

“It’s quite a varied business model, but all aspects of our business have been going very well and we do a great job. Venturing into a new business, such as the sports betting hardware space, was somewhat of a natural step for us.”

Simms continued by explaining that Suzohapp has supported its partners in bridging the gap between the retail space and online through its kiosks – shining a particular light on its SBT 1000 and SBT 500 terminals. 

By using the same hardware and components across its fleet of terminals, the VP Sales for Gaming and Entertainment disclosed that this makes it considerably easier to service.

He added: “I think the SBT 1000 is helping us bridge the gap between retail and online. For those viewers out there, that is our podium style kiosk which is what I believe is what the market has mostly seen so far. 

“We use the same processor and the same components in our SBT 1000 as we do in all of the rest of our hardware. So whether it’s our over the counter kiosk, which would be the point of sale for the clerk or venue, or whether it’s our other kiosks – such as SBT 500 – all of them use the same platform and the same processor.

“So when the software works on one kiosk, it works on all of them. As you can imagine, this then makes it very easy to service. But I think it’s our SBT 500, which is the tabletop kiosk, that is a real differentiator. 

“I haven’t seen anybody else provide something like that on the marketplace. This then helps platform providers to offer the sports betting platform at a table, a bar top or in other locations where a kiosk doesn’t necessarily fit.”

Watch the full interview HERE.