Leveraging cloud, apps, and data to personalize and safeguard the player experience

Amazon Web Services and Computacenter with SBC Webinars present the final episode of the cloud acceleration series
Image source: SBC Events

After a fascinating first two episodes, SBC Webinars in conjunction with Computacenter and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are excited to bring you the third and final part of the Cloud Acceleration Series, a live webinar series designed to show the igaming world the power of the cloud in three easy steps. 

Episode Three, ‘Leveraging Cloud, Apps, and Data to Personalize and Safeguard the Player Experience’, will take place on Tuesday November 23 at 4PM GMT / 11AM Eastern.

Focusing on how igaming businesses can harness software and application transformation to realise major financial, organizational, customer and employee benefits, it will feature a fireside chat with special guest Alan Alderson (Director of IT Operations at William Hill) to understand how the company utilizes the cloud to achieve these gains.

For any igaming business looking to achieve change, the software and application layer is the very first part of the technology stack that they use as the vehicle to drive this. Research shows that organizations that can build, test and release software quickly have a huge advantage over competitors that cannot, in areas such as revenue growth, profitability, innovation, and customer and employee satisfaction. 

The session will also see a panel of experts from Computacenter, AWS and SBC discussing what they see as the major factors that will impact iGaming over the next year, and give their predictions for 2022 in the industry. 

The ‘Leveraging Cloud, Apps, and Data to Personalise and Safeguard the Player Experience’ session will further the understanding gained in the first two parts of the series.

Episode One, ‘Gaining Cloud Insights and Control’, saw Computacenter and William Hill explain how igaming businesses can fully understand and control their infrastructure costs using the public cloud, while Episode Two, ‘Making New Market Expansion Simple’, featured a panel that explained how operators such as FanDuel have used cloud technology to greater drive customer loyalty, and ease new market expansion. 

You can register for Episode Three by clicking here and entering your details. Registering for Episode Three will also give you access to the on-demand replays of the first two sessions in the series. 

The episode will be available on-demand shortly after the live session ends, for anyone unable to make the live airing.