SBC Webinars: the convergence of emerging sports, media and in-game betting

Image source: SBC Events

As the betting industry continues to evolve in North America, operators and broadcasters aware of the financial boom that wagering can bring, are starting to look beyond the major sports and leagues for new opportunities. 

With the continued rise of in-game betting, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down, what are the next sports, leagues and competitions that North American bettors will be playing? Who are the ideal consumers for these? And what broadcast opportunities do they present?

To answer these questions, SBC Webinars has teamed up with Truist Securities, one of the leading financial services companies in the US, to present ‘Convergence! Emerging Sports, Media and In-Game Betting Colliding in 2022’ on Thursday, September 30, at 12:00-13:00 ET.

From established international sports with only a niche following in the US to new entrants, such as Truist clients FanControlled Football and the World Armwrestling League, there is a bewildering array of possible markets that operators and their media partners could target. 

The session will attempt to shine a light on the potential next opportunities for operators and broadcasters alike, as well as to analyze exactly what these opportunities entail. What in-game betting opportunities can exist, whether fantasy sports and daily fantasy can play a role, and how media companies incorporate these into their broadcasts. 

Lastly, the webinar will look at the rising popularity and growing influence of Esports, and how much the impact of the younger demographic and their entertainment preferences play into the thinking when setting up properties such as FanControlled Football.

 And how might traditional sports leagues such as the NFL, MLB, and NBA respond to the changing trends in the way the new generation of sports fans and bettors consume sports and media? 

SBC has put together a balanced expert panel consisting of Chris Pantoya (Chief Commercial Officer & Head of Strategy at Fan Controlled Football); Chris Bevilacqua (CEO, SimpleBet); Casey Huke (Co-founder & President, President at Football Genius/Adrenaline); Yaniv Sherman (SVP & Head of US at 888 Holdings); Steve Kaplan (Founder, President and Commissioner, World Armwrestling League); and Adi Dhandhania (SVP of Strategy & Interactive, Ballys), hosted by Joel Simkins (Managing Director, Head of Gaming & Leisure IB, Truist Securities) to answer these questions and provide unique insights into the further opportunities of the sports betting industry. 

You can register for the session taking place on September 30 at 12PM-1PM Eastern for free, by clicking here.