IGT deploys cashless gaming tech at Oklahoma’s Indigo Sky Casino

Image source: Shutterstock

International Game Technology PLC (IGT) is extending its momentum in cashless gaming technology deployments to Oklahoma, the US state with the second-highest concentration of gaming machines per capita. 

Indigo Sky Casino in Wyandotte, is the latest casino to join the cashless gaming revolution by way of a multi-year agreement with IGT and a phased rollout of the Resort Wallet and IGTPay modules of the IGT ADVANTAGE casino management system.

By combining Resort Wallet technology with the IGTPay solution, Indigo Sky Casino will offer its patrons convenient, one-step access to funds from external sources such as credit and debit cards, bank accounts, and eWallets.

Melanie Heskett, Indigo Sky Casino General Manager, stated: “Enhancing Indigo Sky Casino’s IGT ADVANTAGE deployment with IGT’s Resort Wallet and IGTPay modules will truly differentiate our gaming experience in Oklahoma and give our guests access to the industry’s most user-friendly cashless gaming technology. 

“As the demand for cashless and contactless payment technologies accelerates in nearly every sector, Indigo Sky Casino is pleased to be an early mover in this space by partnering with our long-time growth partner, IGT.”

Ryan Reddy, IGT Senior Vice President Global Product Management for VLT, Poker, Systems and Payments, added: “In deploying IGT’s Resort Wallet and IGTPay, Indigo Sky Casino will benefit from the many advantages of operating a cashless gaming ecosystem and its guests will enjoy added choice and convenience on the casino floor. 

“Launching Resort Wallet and IGTPay in Oklahoma, one of the country’s premier tribal gaming markets, reflects IGT’s continued leadership in the digital payments space and the versatility of the IGT ADVANTAGE casino management system and modules.”

Indigo Sky Casino plans to initiate the rollout of IGT’s full gaming solution this year.The technology stack includes the option for “carded cashless” and “cardless cashless” gaming. 

With carded cashless, the player will leverage his or her physical GO Rewards loyalty card and insert it into a slot machine to transfer funds, fund play, cash out and check account balances. In the cardless cashless model, Indigo Sky Casino patrons will have the option to use the property’s mobile app to complete all payment-related actions safely and securely.

In both configurations, Indigo Sky Casino players will create a PIN-protected Cashless Wagering Account where they can fund their accounts at the casino cage or slot machine or through external sources such as bank accounts and credit or debit cards. 

Funds in the Cashless Wagering Account are securely maintained for the next play session or property visit, and players can also transfer funds between slot machines on site or withdraw funds into a bank account. IGT’s Payments team will support Indigo Sky Casino, managing all aspects of payment-related services such as contracting with payment services providers, funds management, fraud/risk management, and player support.