Coljuegos raps Rappi with fine and ban for offering unauthorized games of chance

Image source: Shutterstock

Colombian gaming regulator Coljuegos has issued a $20,000 fine against on-demand delivery company Rappi for offering the game “RappiPolla Mundial” without authorization.

Coljuegos confirmed this week that Rappi has been fined for illegal operations of games of chance that were offered as promotional items. The Colombian industry law governs this category in which companies offer games to promote or advertise goods and services. It also includes prizes that are offered without the need for making prior payments to participate.

Consequently, the regulator has ruled that the multinational platform will not be able to operate games or betting for the next five years. Moreover, it issued a reminder to companies that in order to offer this type of promotion, they must apply for authorization.

As reported by El Heraldo, Rappi commented: “We have been notified by Coljuegos that we’ve been fined within the framework of an administrative action that came into effect in 2018. We’ve paid the fine imposed by the entity.”

“At Rappi, we respect national regulations, we assume our responsibility and take the necessary internal steps to avoid repeating an error like this one,” Rappi added.

For its part, Coljuegos clarified that “the revenue collected from these games are redirected to the most vulnerable in Colombia”, therefore “institutions, entities and individuals that carry out this type of promotional activities must obtain the respective permits”.

It stated: “Currently, Coljuegos is carrying out seven investigations similar to Rappi’s, where companies and individuals have carried out promotional operations without authorization. It should be noted that between 2020 and 2021, Coljuegos has authorized nearly 300 promotional games that can be identified on the regulator’s website.”