Logrand Entertainment partners with Touch-LESS Gaming to enhance machine sanitization


Touch-LESS Gaming has debuted its contactless button technology at three Logrand Entertainment Group casinos in Mexico, enabling bettors to reduce the physical contact needed to play games.

By deploying the patent-pending technology, Touch-LESS noted that this will allow casino operators to offer a “more sanitary way” to play slots and video poker, while also reducing machine cleaning requirements.

“We are so pleased to be working with the Logrand Entertainment Group to bring our transformative sensor technology to Mexico and the global gaming industry,” commented Christy Lemons, Touch-LESS Gaming’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. 

“As our very first installation partner, we appreciate Logrand’s progressive commitment to providing their players with a safer, more sanitary slot machine experience that helps better protect them from transmittable pathogens like the COVID-19 virus. 

“We look forward to exceeding their expectations during the product trials at the Jubilee (the largest casino in Mexico), Dubai Palace (located in Cancún, MX) and Paradise (located in Nuevo León, MX) casinos and then working with them to deploy our sensor technology across additional machines and locations.”

Jorge Miranda, Product Manager at Logrand Entertainment, said: “Logrand Entertainment Group is appreciative of the dedication Touch-LESS Gaming has shown in developing technology that helps our players enjoy their favorite slot and video poker machines in a futuristic and safer way. 

“In each location, we have installed their button technology on multiple highly popular games and have been pleased with the acceptance they have received so far from our players.”