Derek Stevens confirms return of Circa Millions III and Circa Survivor with $10m in prizes

Image source: Circa Sports

Derek Stevens, CEO of Circa Sports, has announced the return of his pro football contests, Circa Millions III and Circa Survivor, complete with $10m in guaranteed prizes and no rake. 

The initiative, said Circa, marks the largest pro football contest guarantee ever, as well as the most significant prize purse for a survivor-style contest. Sign-ups begin today at all the firm’s Nevada locations and the in-state mobile app.

“The demand for our contests in the past years was so high we knew we needed to come back bigger and better than ever,” Stevens commented. “Last year we guaranteed $3m in payouts for Circa Million and we’re pushing to $4m this year. 

Survivor was $1m, and we’re bringing it to $6m for the largest survivor contest ever. With guaranteed prize money totaling $10m, 2021 is going to be an exciting football betting season with Circa Sports.”

Circa Millions III will deliver $4 million in total prizes, with a $1 million top prize and quarterly payouts. This includes no rake and 100% payback of the prize pool to players. Circa Survivor returns for its second season and a $6m total guaranteed payout, including a $1m Undefeated Prize.

The contest will consist of up to 20 legs throughout the year, one for every week of the football season. Each week, participants will choose one different team to win straight up each week, but the player cannot pick the same team twice for the duration of the season. Thanksgiving and Christmas day will each be considered their own contest week. Entries are $1,000 each, with a maximum of six entries per participant.

To be eligible for the undefeated bonus prize, an entrant must select a team playing in the final game on Week 18, which is defined as the last week of the season in both the Circa Survivor contest and the professional football schedule.