NFL blitz will waste marketing capital

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As the roll out of sports betting across the country continues, each state that legalises a flurry of marketing activity from brands eager to sign up customers for the first time. The marketing drive is likely to reach a crescendo ahead of the new NFL season, as brands jostle for position to make sure they are the first choice of the football sports bettor. 

However much of this marketing spend is likely to be wasted, according to Solitics CEO & Founder Tomer Baumel, if it is not supported with efficient conversion strategies to make sure the audience become customers. 

Baumel explained: “While betting and gaming operators focus significant effort and budget on increasing traffic to their sites via multiple channels, there is still much to do with regards to missing opportunities to convert those visitors into real-money players.”

Baumel believes there are a range of capabilities that operators can use to engage website visitors beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all deposit bonuses that attract expensive bonus hunters who have no intention of becoming long-term players. 

This includes personalising offers based on the customer journey to the website, specifically designed landing pages aimed to appeal to customer interest and well timed interactions from the operator brand.

Baumel added: “Fortunately there are a series of things that operators can easily implement in order to make sure the ROI from their marketing budgets doesn’t suffer. There’s not much point using these big marketing budgets if they are not underpinned by a smooth conversion process.”

Baumel will be discussing some of these points in tomorrow’s SBC Webinar entitled  How to Increase Conversion: Everyday Tactics That Actually Work, an in-depth look at the role of personalisation in driving player conversion.

SBC Managing Director Andrew McCarron will be asking the questions of Baumel and Manacala Gaming Chief Commercial Officer Emiliano Sanchez about some of the most effective ways of improving conversion rates.

To view the session, register for How to Increase Conversion: Everyday Tactics That Actually Work – Thursday April 8 at 9am EST.