EPIC strengthens US operations with Huber appointment

image: shutterstock

Michael V Huber has joined EPIC Risk Management as an Advisory on US Operations, enhancing the company’s responsible gambling activities in the country.

The new advisor’s primary responsibilities at EPIC will see him discuss his lifelong struggle with problem gambling, beginning in his adolescence and ending in 2012, bolstering the company’s ‘lived experience’ knowledge base.

Since overcoming his gambling addiction, Huber has gone on to establish a mental performance coaching and mentoring business. He will join the team overseeing EPIC’s burgeoning US operations during Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

“I am proud to be joining the EPIC team. EPIC’s mission of preventing  gambling-related harm aligns closely with my personal mission of helping others to achieve their human potential,” Huber remarked.

“I discovered this mission in the early years of my recovery from a compulsive gambling addiction. The help and support that I received from others was the inspiration for the  transition into a helping profession such as mental performance coaching. 

“Now, I would like the opportunity to pay it forward in raising awareness regarding the potential risks associated with gambling. I welcome the opportunity to share my lived experience story with others in order to level  the playing field for young people who may not be fully aware of the risks associated with gambling.”

In addition to its activities in the US sector, EPIC has worked across a total of 21 different countries, delivering education and awareness programmes focused around reducing gambling-related harm.

The firm’s educational provisions discuss harm prevention, player protection and designation of issues around problem gambling, and continues to reiterate ‘the importance of education and awareness’.

“Michael is a very impressive and inspirational mentor and coach,” added John Millington, Vice President of US Operations at EPIC Risk Management. “EPIC Risk Management is a company that is built on the lived experience of gambling addiction and this underpins everything that we do in the space of harm prevention.”

“Our educational programmes and training content use real-life, hard-hitting stories of gambling-harm to educate and raise awareness of the significant risk that problem-gambling creates. Michael will leverage his authenticity and own experience of gambling-addiction during his collegiate years and connect it with his subsequent work with high school and college athletes to help convey these  vital messages in a powerful and informed way. 

“Ultimately, at EPIC we want to make as many at-risk groups as possible aware of the potentially destructive financial implications and health issues that out-of-control gambling can cause. To have someone of Michael’s stature, background, and own lived experience bringing this message to life, will only enhance the work that we passionately believe saves lives.”