IGT’s Vik Shrestha: top three Super Bowl tips for sports betting providers

Image source: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports/Sipa USA PA Images

With Super Bowl action ready to kick off in less than one week, sportsbooks large and small across the US are preparing for one of the biggest and most famous betting days of the year.

Sportsbooks in states such as Tennessee and Virginia will be accepting legal Super Bowl wagers for the first time. Sportsbooks in other jurisdictions have a couple of years under their belt, while sportsbooks throughout Nevada will draw upon decades of industry experience as they head into Super Bowl Sunday.

No matter how nascent or mature a betting enterprise may be, all sportsbooks must make special considerations in anticipation of high-volume betting days such as the Super Bowl.

Vik Shrestha, IGT PlaySports Senior Director of Business Development, shared his top three pre-Super Bowl considerations for any sports betting provider.

First, it is critical that sportsbooks evaluate their point-of-sale strategies prior to the Super Bowl. Are they ready to accommodate the extraordinarily large volumes of wagers and maximize the revenue opportunities available? In today’s world of on-demand entertainment, players want choice and convenience for where and how they place their sports wager.

Regardless of a sportsbook’s operating model, it’s imperative that players can effortlessly place their wagers and be part of the action, especially in jurisdictions where in-play wagering is permitted. Fans don’t want to wait in line; they don’t want an abundance of steps to place a bet.

IGT’s self-service technologies such as PlaySports Kiosks and PlaySports Pads can alleviate long waits at ticket windows, and both on-premise and state-wide mobile are the most versatile channels for expanding reach and meeting the “anytime, anywhere” preference of many sports bettors.

Second, there is no better way for a sportsbook to differentiate its offering during the Super Bowl than through compelling promotions, prizes and rewards. As the US sports betting market continues to grow, so does the competition for the engaged sports fans’ attention.

At IGT, our in-house Trading Team is very active and strategic in collaborating with our Turnkey PlaySports customers to ensure they are prepared with captivating sports betting content and utilizing the promotional capabilities built-into the PlaySports platform that will drive player acquisition, retention and overall Super Bowl engagement.

The final, and arguably the most important consideration for any sportsbook for the Super Bowl is the betting menu. On a day when fans bet on everything from the coin toss to who will score on the first play, having well-managed risk and a diverse betting menu is crucial to achieving peak engagement.

This is where partnering with an experienced, hands-on trading services provider is so critical. Providing an array of bets will help sportsbooks connect with new players and drive incremental play.