DeckPrism Sports and Circa Sports Colorado strike in-play odds deal

Image source: Shutterstock

North American in-play odds originator DeckPrism Sports has formalized an agreement with Circa Sports Colorado to become the exclusive in-play odds provider for the latter’s sportsbook app in the Centennial State. 

The agreement grants Circa Sports Colorado access to DeckPrism technology which, in turn, will offer Circa Colorado customers fast, transparent and accurate pricing and reliable in-play odds.

DeckPrism offers both managed trading services and real-time pricing API. The key to its advanced technology, though, is that it creates instant pricing and odds based on a proprietary algorithm. Bettors, said the firm, can confidently accept up-to-the-second odds and pricing with no delay.

It added: “This represents a significant leap forward to the in-game wagering experience, which is often slow, and sometimes comes with outdated or mistaken odds. With antiquated in-game technology, bettors are often at a disadvantage, as sportsbooks build in a delay to account for shifting lines.

“Bettors are in turn left lying in wait while a sportsbook decides whether to accept a bet or not. This often leads to rejected bets, and a loss of action, which is detrimental for both bettors and sportsbook operators.”

Ed Miller, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of DeckPrism Sports, commented: “We are thrilled to be working with a great brand like Circa Sports Colorado, and to partner with them in providing the fairest and most transparent in-game product on the market. 

“Live in-game play has largely fallen short, leading to delays in what are supposed to be real-time odds and rejections of far too many bets. Our technology fixes those issues, offering bettors a much fairer vehicle for in-game wagering and allowing operators to capture more in-game action.”

Matthew Metcalf, Director of Circa Sports, explained: “DeckPrism has built an engine that will power in-game wagering far more effectively for companies like ours, which got into the sportsbook business to take bets. DeckPrism’s technology is second to none in creating odds that both we and our customers can trust, and that significantly improves the in-game experience for everyone.”