In a meeting that took place this week in the House of Government (Casa Rosada) of Argentina, local ministers have analyzed the possibility of reopening different economic sectors in the verge of the new summer season.

Included in those discussions was the subject of whether or not casinos in the province of Buenos Aires will be able to reopen their doors in the upcoming weeks.

The meeting, headed by the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation Santiago Cafiero and the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Province Carlos Bianco, also featured the Health authorities from both jurisdictions.

Although they had initially announced that closed spaces, such as theaters and casinos, would remain non-operational in the 2020-21 summer season, the authorities reversed the original decision to allow theaters to open after strong criticism from the sector.

Casinos could also obtain the approval if they follow strict protocols, with a reduced capacity. “We’ve been analyzing sector by sector and see how they will be able to reopen,” said the Minister of Production of the Province Augusto Costa, according to El Día.

“However, all activities that operate in closed spaces, with many people and without ventilation, are not recommended,” he added.

In addition, if they allow casinos to reopen, “it will be mandatory to use the Cuidar Verano app, where tourists will have to establish how many days and where they’re staying, with whom they travel, in order to set how many tourists are in each jurisdiction”.

Currently, the province of Buenos Aires is among the territories most affected by the pandemic, not only in Argentina but across the Latin American region.