SBC Webinars and Xtremepush present: Turning Player Behaviour Into Revenue

The SBC Webinars series continues on Tuesday 29 October with an exclusive presentation hosted by multichannel player data and engagement specialist Xtremepush, examining how operators can make better use of their customer data to drive revenue and retention goals.

The ‘Turning Player Behaviour Into Revenue – Building an Omnichannel Approach to Data Management and Player Engagement’ session will deliver a host of valuable practical information and ideas for the marketing teams of betting and gaming operators. 

Xtremepush’s experts will use the webinar to demystify the process of data acquisition and activation, and demonstrate how to create data-driven campaigns throughout the player lifecycle. 

They will detail the process of gathering and unifying your player data to create an omnichannel approach, as well as how to use the data effectively in support of revenue-driving and retention-focused campaigns. 

The webinar will also outline the process of delivering automated, real-time messages triggered by a customer’s actions or inactivity, and show how to combine behavioral and attribute data to create micro-segments for pinpoint targeting and engagement.


  • Victor Sevciuc – Head of Sales, Sports Betting & Gaming, Xtremepush 
  • Gerard Adlum – Content Marketing Manager, Xtremepush 

Register for Turning Player Behaviour Into Revenue – Building an Omnichannel Approach to Data Management and Player Engagement, Thursday 29 October, 4pm UK / 10am ET / 9am CT

Sevciuc said: “The key differentiator between so many operators is customer experience. Looking beyond bonuses, which must be used sparingly, delivering personalised, relevant messages at key moments is the most impactful thing you can do to drive revenue and retain your customers. And that all comes back to how well you use your player data.

“From our work with hundreds of the world’s leading operators, we understand the science and the art of using player data as well as anyone. We look forward to sharing our experience and expertise in this highly practical and informative session.” 

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