Recent figures coming out of both the UK and Germany, two of Europe’s largest betting markets, are showing positive signs of recovery for the sports betting industry as a whole according to Betting affiliate Leadstar Media.

The firm, which oversees several products across a variety of global markets, is already reporting an increase in figures and predicting a healthy future for the industry as a whole and believes that strong summer trading could boost markets globally, including North and South America.

A recent study undertaken by the UK Gambling Commission has shown that data retrieved over the course of May and into July has revealed a significant increase in revenue for the UK gambling sector.

Although predictions in the early spring conducted for the German and Austrian betting markets predicted a bleak outlook for the summer, betting affiliate Leadstar Media which runs a number websites geared to the German and Austrian markets was already seeing significantly positive trends already in May, much more in line with the UK figures. 

Leadstar Media’s German sites recorded a 100% increase in business since the return of the Bundesliga in May, concurrently resulting in betting related searches occurring over two times higher than in the preceding weeks. is similarly geared to comparing betting sites and providing general advice to players, albeit to a worldwide English speaking audience, and has seen similar patterns over the course of the late spring and into the early summer. 

CEO of Leadstar Media Eskil Kvarnström clarified the issue: “A great barometer for our business and for the industry as the whole, can be singled out through Bookiesbonuses. Originally intended to be targeted toward the UK market, where it still commands significant traffic, we have branched out the site to have a more worldwide focus. We have visitors from a wide variety of countries and have done for some time now.”

“What we have been seeing with our flagship site, mirrors what has been happening in the UK and Germany, and the return to football across Europe has brought a significant boost in traffic that bodes well for the industry as a whole.” he continued. 

Leadstar Media is also currently pioneering products in both North and South America and feel the successful return of European sports has boosted traffic across the board in a number of markets.

“If we take our Brazilian betting comparison site, we saw an upturn in traffic by the middle of the summer, and that’s before full scale football even returned to Brazil,” stated Kvarnström.

“If you consider this fact and that many North American and US sports recently made a return to action, it really shows the potential of the industry to fully recover from recent setbacks.”

Kvarnström, Leadstar Media, and the betting industry as a whole have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks and months should these tentative predictions come to fruition. With European sports mounting a successful comeback, combined with the return of their US counterparts on the horizon, positive trends look set to continue well into the final quarter of the year and hopefully even further.