Racetracks in Brazil have already resumed activities in regions where there aren’t clear lockdown rules in place. But while races are already happening, venues have been banned from welcoming the public, with all bets to be made online and by phone.

A new Municipal Decree No. 47,551 in Rio de Janeiro will allow the Hipódromo de Gávea to enter a new phase of the reopening process taking place in Brazil. This will allow the racetrack to gradually open its betting kiosks, starting immediately.

The decree also establishes that, in the event of new legislative changes due to an increase in the COVID cases, the decision may be reversed.

“We had to adopt new coexistence rules for everyone, and that includes the horse racing sector. We count on your support to enjoy these areas and services, respecting the security protocols that were developed following the recommendations from the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health and the Golden Rules set by Rio de Janeiro’s authorities,” said the operator of the racetrack Jockey Club Brasileiro, as Games Magazine Brazil reported.

Racetrack authorities will also have to take the temperature of all people accessing the venue and the track. In addition, the rules require all people to use masks to cover their faces.

The Hipódromo had closed its doors back in March due to the pandemic, but reopened a couple of months later after a request from the Rio de Janeiro Turf Professionals Association.