Sports gamification and content provider GTG Network has officially announced a partnership with Caesars Entertainment that will see the introduction of the all-new Draft Pick’em online game. 

The game is open to residents of the US who are over the age of 21, with players having to attempt to pick the perfect first-round NFL Draft from a pool of 100 prospects.

With the Draft set to begin on 23 April, contestants will have as of now to win tickets to the Big Game and trips to Las Vegas to see professional football games and more by competing against other fans.

 Ty Stewart, Vice President of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, stated: “The GTG team truly understands the mentality of the sports fan. They know how to take a seed of an idea and a small set of business objectives and deliver something fantastic. In activating our partnership against the Draft, they are Caesars’ #1 pick.”

The user who finishes in first place is set to win two tickets to the Big Game as well as an additional $2,500 for travel accommodations, with those who place between 2nd and 4th winning two tickets to a 2020 season professional football game in Las Vegas and a two-night hotel stay. $500 gift cards will be awarded to those who place between 5th and 9th. 

Nathan Rothschild, co-founder and partner, GTG Network, added: “We realize in these incredibly difficult times, fans are looking for a diversion and the Draft is the only game in town these days. It is incredibly exciting to launch this innovative fan experience for football fans to engage with the draft, pick the draft order and play really fun video games. 

“Our relationship with Caesars furthers our vision of enhancing the way sports fans engage with their favorite sports. Coupled with our recent partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers, the Draft Games Hub establishes GTG Network as the industry leader in enhancing the fan experience by powering engagement through data analytics and gamification.”

The 2020 Draft will kick off on 23 April at 8pm ET and will be broadcast live on the NFL Network, ESPN and ABC.