QuickPicks launches virtual NBA game amid global sports shutdown

In the midst of a global shutdown of all major sports leagues, real money sports gaming operator and developer QuickPicks has launched a new virtual NBA sports game, with an NFL version set to follow soon. 

Launching through the company’s flagship QuickPicks.com site, ‘Classic QuickPicks’ uses its head-to-head matchup format by pitting pro athletes against each other in virtual matchups. 

These matchups then use randomized official game stats from prior seasons to settle the bout with the game publishing new virtual matchups every hour and running continuously all day, 24/7.

Joe Brennan Jr, QuickPicks CEO, stated: “We used our sports analytics platform to create a new game engine that analyzes all active players from the past seven years in the NBA. We take players across all seasons that are most evenly matched, and pair them all together in a menu of 30 to 40 matchups that are available every hour. 

“Users choose which players they want — from a minimum of three matchups to a maximum of 10 matchups — to create their own ticket, which they can play for as little as 10¢ per ticket. 

“Once the hour is up, our platform randomly selects official stat lines from each player’s listed official season results to create a fantasy score which determines the winner of the matchup,” Brennan said. “Then we instantly post another 30 to 40 matchups which will be live for the next hour. We do that every hour, all day and night, 24/7”.

Players can choose from matchups featuring star players in different years of their careers such as LeBron James from the 2016 season versus James Harden from the 2018 season. 

In addition to this, matchups can also feature the same player on both sides, such as 2014 Steph Curry vs 2018 Steph Curry. This matchup will then base the result by comparing the official game stats from the relevant seasons.

Brennan added: “We can launch a version of the game for virtually any sport that has good quality data. We’ve had this capability since we first built our patent-pending platform. So when the leagues shut down, we worked around the clock to go live, so that our players could have fun, stay engaged with sports, and get a little action too.”

An NFL version of the game is scheduled to launch next, with other sports leagues soon set to follow.