Scientific checks-out Abacus lottery products deal

The Scientific Games Corporation has announced a partnership with the Abacus Solutions International Group that will secure a solution for shoppers to purchase lottery draws and instant games in retail checkout lanes.

The agreement forms part of Scientific Games’ tech innovation in the lottery retail solutions area as it will provide shoppers with the ability to purchase lottery products along with other store items whilst they are in the checkout lane. 

Randall Lex, VP Lottery Retail Solutions for Scientific Games, stated: “This partnership with Abacus is another example of Scientific Games’ commitment to invest in new retail innovation that opens opportunities for lotteries to bring products conveniently to players where they are.

“Our vision for retail innovation includes third-party, secure technology integrations that support lottery revenues with the most advanced technology possible.”

The retail solution supports maximum profits for vital programs funded by government lotteries, including health and welfare, senior citizens, veterans, education, the environment, and infrastructure.

Abacus, a lottery technology partner that securely connects lottery systems technology directly through a retailer’s point-of-sale technology, currently experiences significant levels of customer penetration in supermarkets and big-box stores. 

With this being said, the product is not yet available in the majority of large retail locations, with lottery games still purchased at a separate customer service counter or via a self-service machine. 

Simon Butler, Abacus CEO, added: “Our research shows that in grocery stores in particular, only 5% of shoppers visit the area of the store where the lottery terminal is located and games can be purchased. 

“The Abacus technology enables draw-based lottery tickets and instant games to be purchased at any retail point-of sale-terminal, and dramatically increases valuable lottery terminal foot-print in stores at a minimal cost. 

“Our partnership with Scientific Games is a significant and exciting step forward, enabling Abacus technology with our retail partners to offer huge growth opportunities for lotteries and their beneficiaries.”

The integration with the third-party solution from Abacus using its unique Fusion Platform will allow for secure, in-lane lottery sales through Scientific Games’ new SCiQ retail technology system and AEGISTM lottery draw game systems technology, in turn allowing shoppers to purchase instantly and draw games at the checkout. 

Terry Presta, Abacus Head of Business in the USA, concluded: “The Abacus and Scientific Games in-lane solution puts lottery products in front of 100% of the store’s customers. Working together to offer lotteries many more selling opportunities as well as offering new and innovative ways to play is the future of lottery and this partnership embraces that opportunity.”