Sports betting platform provider BtoBet has targeted “integration of a digitally wider channel spectrum” through Neuron 3 – its new ‘player-centric’ platform supporting mobile, desktop, retail, social media and TV betting.

The company believes that new single-solution platforms such as Neuron 3, which will be officially unveiled at ICE London, will reshape an industry “stuck in a phase where most larger bookmakers still base their business on in-house legacy technology without properly taking the whole player journey, and their potential customers’ needs into account”.

The metamorphosis towards BtoBet’s player-centric approach, said the company, has been helped by advances in technology but cautioned that data and technology alone will not give you the essential answers “if you are not asking the right questions”.

As well as the more inevitable focus on smartphone and desktop betting experiences, Neuron 3 includes a revamped Retail Agent including a rapid registration system to transform anonymous to non-anonymous players.

It also supports SMS betting, a key component in emerging markets where internet access can be more costly, as well as social media betting via iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Telegram, and TV entertainment betting, which allows the player to watch a match (or more than one concurrently) and bet at the same time.

This joined up approach, explained BtoBet CEO Alessandro Fried, is all about “delivering a new omnichannel perspective and filling the gaps in the player journey by providing its operators with the technology to develop their betting experience in the way they want” – whether the core focus is mobile, desktop, retail, SMS, social media or TV.

Today’s BtoBet industry report read: “The knowledge, data and technological acumen that operators need to have at their disposal to succeed in the iGaming industry is vast.

“Transaction data, social data, demonstrated behavioral data, geolocation data, business and player management tools, APIs for a seamless content and channel integration … the list is substantial.

“All this presents endless opportunities to uncover patterns of customer behavior, channel preferences so you can personalize your propositions, your channels, your communications and the experiences you offer to your customers.

“This is what Neuron 3 encapsulates at its core technology. All the tools readily available enabling the bookmaker to focus entirely his resources on how to best develop his own user experience based on his own vision according to his target players’ requirements and preferences.”

‘How to successfully achieve a player-centric betting ecosystem’ – click HERE to download