Wondr Gaming, the esports acquisition fund founded by esports and media executives Mike Cotton and Jon Dwyer has acquired Rival.ai, an esports artificial intelligence integration company that provides esports data and algorithms for betting lines to gaming platforms, as well as insights and toolsets for esports broadcasters and streamers.  

James Mifsud and Bryan Yale will continue to serve as CEO and COO, respectively, of Rival.ai, with the company operating under the Wondr Gaming banner. 

Commenting on the deal, Mifsud said: “This acquisition gives us the resources to support an industry we truly love. With this, we will become a leading data provider supporting betting platforms and further developing our core services. We are excited to take our technology to the next level.” 

Yale added: “One of the most exciting and underdeveloped aspects in the world of gaming and esports is gambling. We look forward to being the premier source of data analytics in support of the emerging esports betting landscape.”

Wondr Co-Managing Director Michael Cotton said: “We’re thrilled to have completed our first transaction and are actively in discussions with multiple companies for our next acquisition. We look forward to working with Rival.ai to grow its revenues and become a leader in the space.

“Wondr Gaming does not compete with multi-title platforms. Instead, we are a resource for multi-team businesses and offer products and services that complement and improve their offerings. By developing assets like Rival.ai and fostering the growth businesses we acquire, we have the ability to work with any team or betting entity in esports.”